Carl Hurley, Humorist

Carl has been delighting audiences for more than 25 years, touring around the world delivering humor and inspiration to thousands.  He’s probably the most played artist on XM’s Laugh USA and is the epitome of “good, clean fun.”  He has a flair for the comedy stage and has more than 14 recordings to show for it.  His hour-long show is perfect for any audience and topics include Humor, Leadership, Customer Service, Entertainment, Change, Attitude, Education and In-Service.  Try Carl as an Emcee—he is fast on his feet (with humor, that is!), and keeps the event light and charged with fun!


For theatrical venue booking only.  For ALL corporate bookings please contact Jim Rittenhouse, McKinney Speakers LLC Toll-Free 877.468.9370 or Mobile 502.645.2256.